Aromatique Decorative Home Fragrances - A Fragrance for Every Season

Aromatique Decorative Home Fragrances


You are unique. And so is your home fragrance.  An expertly chosen home fragrance with reed diffusers, candles, sprays, or potpourri can elevate your “inner sanctum” to new heights of comfort, setting the right mood and triggering a particular feeling or emotion when you enter the interior. Knowing that home fragrances add a sense of comfort and luxury to your home, you should choose a quality brand and a scent with the utmost of care.

The Wonderful Benefits of Home Fragrances

They can provide a calming, welcoming feeling.  Your home is your haven–it’s where you live and possibly work. It’s where you return after a long day, where you form many of your memories, where your family lives and plays etc.  A subtle fragrance—if correctly chosen—will provide you with a personal, welcoming, and hopefully soothing feeling every time you enter the room.  Minimally, you want a calm and peaceful ambiance.

They Can Provide a Feeling of Cleanliness Sweet-smelling interiors are often considered clean ones, and thus, you give you the sense of a clean room especially in powder rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.  Equally, homes with pets may benefit at varying times from decorative fragrances. In this case, if looking for a quick clean smell, room sprays are the perfect touch. Whether you spray some on soft linens or just in the room overall, room sprays target unpleasant smells and keep everything smelling good. Most room sprays neutralize odors and will bring hours of true fragrance to your home.

They Can Provide a Wonderful Ambiance Throughout the Day & Night.  Diffusers, potpourri, and room spray make your home smell lovely, clean, breezy etc. all day and night. Your kitchens will have a clean, refreshing citrus fragrance, your bathrooms and powder room will have soft floral fragrances, and living rooms and dens can have a myriad of fresh and lovely scents.  Equally, during the holidays, they will automatically evoke a seasonable feeling throughout the day.

Aromatique Selections - A Fragrance for Every Room

Clearly, fragrances can be placed all throughout your home, especially if you love beautiful, fresh scents. This includes foyers where family, friends, and guests, when entering your home will be greeted with a warm and welcoming aroma.  We love light floral fragrances here often with tuberose, or lotus.  Complete it with a fresh bouquet or vase.  Next, place a decorative fragrance in your living room where you may want a warm, gorgeous scents.  If this is the case, opt for warm scents like amber, ginger, and almond to enhance the cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Equally, you may prefer to notes of citrus, like grapefruit, and green apple, for a clean and fresh feel.  Reed diffusers on a coffee table or end table work especially well for this room.  

Your bedroom or guest rooms should be a place full of relaxation and rest, so adding calming scents of lavender and jasmine will help you get a full night’s sleep. For the bathroom, room sprays are especially known for their odor-masking capabilities and will make your bathroom feel more like a spa.   Small 100 ml size diffusers also work effectively here if room on the sink or dressing table counter.  You can also set a glass bowl of fruity potpourri on the back of the toilet to elevate this space.

Aromatique Decorative Home Fragrance Options

From potpourri to candles, room sprays and reed diffusers, there are multiple fragrance options from which to choose. Each comes with its own set of advantages, price points, and unique qualities. The most important thing to consider, however, is selecting home fragrances that gives your home the luxurious or warm scent you seek. 

For potpourri or room sprays, we recommend the brand, Aromatique.  Made in the USA, Aromatique is one of the leading decorative fragrance companies in the world.  It is priced competitively, consistently offering a high-quality product.  They produce a full range of products –from scented candles, to potpourri, room sprays, and reed diffusers.  Their combination of botanicals with high-end fragrances makes them a popular and sought-after brand for many.

decorative fragrance

A Scent for Every Season

Aromatique has a vast array of scents and fragrances allowing customers to select a scent for different room and season throughout the year.

Springtime / Powder Rooms / Living Rooms
The most popular scent in early spring is The Smell of SpringThis decorative fragrance is ideal in any room or space.  Its fragrance is an enticing floral mixture of hyacinth, jasmine, and rose, with a touch of lily of the valley adding the essence of spring to any home décor.

For those that love a true floral fragrance, we also recommend Smell of GardeniaOne of our favorites, this captivating fragrance is romantic and as intoxicating as an exotic perfume.

Aromatique, Smell of Gardenia

Aromatique, Smell of Gardenia

Summertime / Kitchens
For kitchens and the perfect summertime fragrance, Sorbet, a citrus scent, is the most popular.  This is a stimulating fragrance of lemon & lime, entwined with melon, peach, and rose that will invigorate any room with sunshine freshness. Valencia Orange is also a consistent favorite.  This scent instantly refreshes a room with a bright zesty fragrance of sweet oranges mixed with notes of apples and red berries, with just a hint of citrus peel.

Aromatique, SorbetAromatique Summer Sorbet

Valencia Orange

Aromatique, Valencia Orange

Autumn  / Warm Scents for Every Room
When looking for the perfect fall fragrances just as the leaves are changing colors and we’re starting up our fireplaces, Aromatique has a wonderful collection of popular fragrances from which to choose.  These include Cinnamon Cider, Pumpkin Spice, and Gingerbread Brulée. All have delectable, sweet woody notes of fall, spice, and vanilla.

Aromatique, Cinnamon Cider

Aromatique, Cinnamon Cider

Aromatique, Pumpkin Spice

Aromatique, Pumpkin Spice

Aromatique, Gingerbread Brulée

Aromatique, Gingerbread Brulée

Winter / Holiday Scents For Every Room
Ah, the holidays!  A whiff of pine, the flurry of orange zest and cinnamon, a whisper of freshly fallen snow. Scents like these define the American holiday season, filling it with magic and the desire to savor every moment.

True to the season, Aromatique has three wonderful scents from which to choose –all with varying degrees of “seasonal” fragrances.  The Smell of Winter is a fresh scent for those that just want the cool crisp scent of winter.  This fragrance is filled with blackberries and vanilla orchids, infused with citrus and spun sugar notes.  Ideal for use throughout the entire winter season through until early spring.

Aromatique’s, Smell of the Tree & Smell of Christmas will fill your home with a holly jolly scent of a fir tree.  Smell of the Tree will instantly bring the outdoors in with fragrances of freshly cut wild evergreen, pinecones, and cedar sprigs.  Lastly, The Smell of Christmas is one of Aromatique’s signature and best-selling fragrances.  This scent “defines” the holidays with a captivating fragrance of citrus and spice, along with a warm blend of natural botanicals.
Aromatique, Smell of Winter

Aromatique, Smell of Winter

Aromatique Smell of Christmas

Aromatique Smell of Christmas

smell of the tree

Aromatique, Smell of the Tree

Regardless of what fragrance you select, or what room you place it in, giving your home a lovely, fresh, or floral fragrance throughout is all about finding the right scents to place throughout your home.  Your choices and options are endless. All are in stock now at Au Bon Goût Boutique and ready to ship.