Cruzilles, Pâtes de Fruits d'Auvergne - Little French ‘Gems’ of Sweetness & Fruitiness

Cruzilles, Pates De Fruits

What exactly are Cruzilles, Pâte de Fruits
These “little gems” are world-famous delicacies that have been hitting our sweet spot for centuries.   Simply put, they are a traditional French confectionery made of a set fruit paste that are briefly cooked with sugar with a slight touch of pectin that helps lock its natural freshness. The result is an exquisite, soft jelly loaded with fruit flavor.  These tiny treats are typically available today in multiple fruit flavors, including blueberries, blackberry, and strawberry and are often served on cheese boards in French homes, as well as being a frequent component on the dessert petit fours plate served at French restaurants.  Their decorative tins remain a very popular Christmastime gift, as well as featured at high-end French patisseries in FranceSo popular indeed are these confections, that Food & Wine declared 2021 as the Year of Pâte de Fruit!

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Described originally as dry jam, the creation of these delicious sweets can be traced back to the 10th century when French locals started picking fruits from the orchards, mainly apricots, and candied them.  It wasn’t long before the French royals and gourmands were consuming these candied fruits every day. The demand for these candies grew drastically during the 19th century when the brother-in-law of Napoleon III, Duke de Morny, started a Bourdon sugar plant in Clermont-Ferrand, offering confectioners unlimited supplies of sugar.

The Ultimate Brand – Cruzilles, Creators of Flavor 
Cruzilles became the major player in high-quality confectionery when Noel Cruzilles started the business in 1880 in Auvergne, France.  Now, with over 140 years of experience, Cruzilles continues to use its expertise in making what is regarded as the best quality pâte de fruits. 

Cruzilles, Creators of Flavor

At Cruzilles, all products are made from noble fruits and selected from the heart of the terroirs.  The master confectioners of the Cruzilles house select, above all, the fruits for the subtlety of their aromas, the intensity of their colors and the delicacy of their pulp.  These master confectioners determine when to pick the fruit providing for the perfect marriage between sugar and acidity. Indeed, their quality is the essential element that ensures the success of each of their gourmet creations.

What Makes Cruzilles Pâtes de Fruits So Popular?

Cruzilles, Pâtes de Fruits d’Auvergne French Fruit Jelly Candies in Decorative Tin

Cruzilles, Pâtes de Fruits d’Auvergne French Fruit Jelly Candies in Decorative Tin

Cruzilles Pates de Fruits are considered superior to other brands primarily due to their high-quality, uncompromising taste, and beautifully decorative tin packaging.  These Pâtes de Fruits d’Auvergne French Fruit Jelly Candies include the noble fruits - the sweet goodness of plum, orange, raspberry, strawberry, black current, and apricot that comes in a reusable, vintage decorated metal box.  The pulp content used in these fancy jellies contributes to their top quality and using a minimum of two-thirds of the pulp.  Cruzilles always seek the ideal balance to get the perfect blend between acidity and sugar. It is done by confectioners paying close attention to each stage of the candy process, including cauldron cooking, cutting, and hand coating. 

Wide Range of Variety 
Cruzilles always prioritize quality while offering a wide range of candied fruits, including peach, clementine, strawberry, fig, and orange, as well as glazed fruits, including pineapple, ginger, chili, and chestnuts. There is something for everyone. 

Traditional French Tin Packaging
Lastly, making Cruzilles a most charming as well as unique gift is the beautiful vintage tin packaging with rustic illustration of either traditional fruits or fruit pickers of the Auvergne region.

French Tin Packaging
These are some of the significant elements that make Cruzilles Pâte de Fruits the finest and most loved candied jellies all over the world.  We here at Au Bon Goût Boutique always keep a large inventory of these candies just for that time when you need that extra special gift or need to satisfy that urge for something incredibly delicious!