French Country Kitchen Towels - Add A Hint of French Style & Vivid Colors to Your Kitchen

I have long had a weakness for French Country Dish Towels – more commonly known as a “torchon”, or here in the US as a “French jacquard” or “French Country kitchen / tea towel”.  These kitchen towels have become an easy and tactile way to have a little bit of France at home throughout the year.  Frankly, I’m embarrassed to admit I have stacks of them in my kitchen, rolled up in a hanging French iron basket displaying their beautiful, bright colors. When working in the kitchen, invariably I always have one hanging from an apron pocket or thrust over my shoulder when I do any sort of cooking.  And if truth be told, I keep one rolled up in a tote bag or in my car just for that unanticipated need.  After years of stock-piling them, I love knowing I can always reach for a dry, clean one no matter how mountainous the pile of pots and pans. In many respects, I’m deeply attached to all of these towels and can’t imagine being without them having bought them over the years as they individually caught my eye based on either design or color.

Beauvillé, Bistrot du Marché Kitchen / Tea Towel

All of this illustrates the versatility and usefulness of the French dish or jacquard kitchen / tea towel. First, they are the finishing touch towards transforming your “kitchen” into a “cuisine” – by adding bursts of vivid color and charm when hung on an oven handle or kitchen hook.

Second, they are indispensable when cooking be it for simply drying your hands, to rolling out pastry dough on them, to drying vegetables. To save on paper towels, I’ve long realized they are perfectly capable of cradling cleaned green beans in the vegetable bin and wiping down the cutting board. 

Third, their utility and functionality is unrivaled–from cleaning up the occasional spill, to a ready-made placemat when eating on the go, or to use in the car especially if you have children.

3 Garnier-Thiebaut Tea Towels     Beauvillé, Legumes Vert

All of this is possible due to their solid construction. If manufactured by a quality firm such as Beauvillé or Garnier-Thiebaut, they are designed to last.  These firms use premium staple cotton to weave the towel with long fibers resulting in a stronger, softer and more durable fabric.  You can machine wash your French towel multiple times without worry that it will fade, fray, disintegrate.  I’ve had some of my towels literally for years.  Every so often, I treat them to an iron and they look as good as the day I bought them just so I can display them looking like new.

The Perfect Hostess Gift - Le Cadeau Parfait

One more thing –they always make the perfect, absolute perfect hostess gift or petit cadeau for expressing a sincere “merci” to the hostess or to the friend for her act of kindness.  Just gently roll it up, put a ribbon around it, attach a small thank you note, and you have the perfect token of appreciation. A little tissue, small gift bag – and voilá! you’re good for go.

Where to Buy your Quality French Towel

Happily, these days, you don’t need to travel to France or go to a French rural market to buy yourself a good quality French torchon.  Stores like Au Bon Goût Boutique, carry some of the largest selections of 100% Made in France French kitchen / dish towels in the US by brands such as Garnier-Thiebaut and Beauvillé. The real problem will be deciding which towels catch your eye, but in the end, you will enjoy years of pleasure from any one of these little gems.  No choice is a bad choice.