Have a French Dinner Party with Pillivuyt Brasserie Collection Tableware

Looking to have a French-themed dinner party, or to redecorate your kitchen with a French theme transforming it from a kitchen into a “cuisine”?  If so, then you can make major strides by outfitting your tableware with Pillivuyt’s Brasserie Dinnerware  and Bakeware Collection.  And the good news is, with this unique pattern’s tableware, you not only get not only a delightful pattern, but a superb quality French porcelain dinnerware and bakeware.

Made 100% in France, with hints of Hemingway’s, A Moveable Feast, the Brasserie pattern was first created in the 1920's for the Parisian restaurant, Grande Brasserie Nationale, 33. Rue de la Republique .33 - La Maison n'a pas de Succursale – (the address is on the porcelain tableware itself).  This establishment wished to have their menus directly on their dishes for the convenience of their patrons. The Brasserie pattern manufactured today by Pillivuyt still retains the original French menu with the original 1920's prices in francs. This “menu” has soups, salads, and entrees listed as well as French red and white wines along with their prices. It also lists beers, dessert wines and aperitives and Digestives with prices in francs.  Everything for a complete dinner, soup to nuts!

One good thing about the collection today is its extensiveness:  the collection includes several size plates, soup and pasta bowls, mugs, demitasse, creamers etc. Each piece is crafted from advanced porcelain designed to be shatterproof, microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe.   It has several bakeware pieces that are ideal for oven to table serving –all in the Brasserie pattern.  Each porcelain piece in the collection is fired three times, with the menu applied by hand, and is then fired for a third time ensuring the design is baked into the glaze.

Brasserie Oval Bakeware

Brasserie Eared Oval Baker

Brasserie Footed Porcelain Bowls

Brasserie Porcelain Plates

A Word about Pillivuyt

Today, more than 200 years later, Pillivuyt continues to manufacturer luxury high-quality porcelain bakeware and dinnerware in France.  They remain one of the few porcelain makers to develop its own porcelain compound onsite at the factory, and to be one of the last French manufacturers to maintain a total 100% French production.  Pillivuyt attributes their continued success to two key factors – always preserving its strong sense of tradition and staying relevant through new innovations that respond to the changing demands of consumers and cooks in the 21st century.

Collection Brasserie

Let’s look at the many reasons why we here at Au Bon Gout Boutique recommend Pillivuyt Brasserie as an ideal tableware and bakeware choice:

  1. Durability and Hardness - Pillivuyt produces one of the most durable and strongest bakeware on the market. It will not craze and is highly resistant to scratching and chipping.
  2. Non-Stick Bakeware - When you handle Pillivuyt bakeware, you will notice it’s fine, smooth, non-porous appearance. This non-porous surface is due to their firing and glazing process that not only makes the item smooth, but also made it the first non-stick bakeware  

  3. Lead & Cadmium Free - Pillivuyt porcelain is lead and cadmium free making it safe for all baking needs and food serving needs.
  4. Heat Resistant, Freezer, Oven, Microwave Safe - Ideal for today’s cook, you can take your bakeware directly from the freezer to your oven without any problem. Microwave and oven safe, it can withstand the high temperatures of the broiler. It is also thermal shock resistant.       
  5. Elegant Appearance - Oven-to-table pieces are growing in popularity as home cooks seek versatile, multifunctional pieces for convenience and aesthetics. We love the fact their pieces look beautiful on the dinner table as it is adept at baking casseroles, roasting vegetables, braising chicken, or baking a dessert.  This means the sky’s the limit with regard to what home chefs can cook in their oven-to-table pieces. Beef stew, braised vegetables, a cheesy casserole… in many cases dishes can be prepared ahead, refrigerated or even frozen, and then cooked when needed.           
  6. Product Versatility - Another feature we like about the Pillivuyt brand is their broad range of bakeware collections in multiple sizes, shapes, and depths. This versatility gives the cook enormous flexibility whether preparing a family dinner or baking for a later group or event.

Expand Pillivuyt Brasserie with the Classic Collection

Pillivuyt offers multiple collections to meet the needs and preferences of many people. The most flexible and versatile collection is certainly their sleek, white, smooth Classic Collection, which includes a range of dishes for serving, baking, and cooking.  It is designed to complement all other Pillivuyt patterns providing additional unique serving, baking, and dining.   All pieces in this and everything Pillivuyt dinnerware and serveware collection can be purchased individually as “open stock.”  You can buy and/or replace pieces based on what you need.  Most importantly, all are designed to fit easily in standard cabinets and inside dishwashers.

Pillivuyt Classic Collection

Summing up!

This year, if you can’t make it to Paris, bring Paris and France to your home with the Pillivuyt Brasserie tableware collection.  Once done, open up our favorite cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, pour yourself a glass of wine, put some café music on, starting cooking, and set the table with some beautiful porcelain Brasserie tableware.  Your family, guests, and you will delight in the entire experience.  Bon Appétit!