Pillivuyt Porcelain Whiteware, Dinnerware & Serveware

Pillivuyt Porcelain  Dinnerware & Serveware

The serveware and tabletop service you choose is a star player at your dining table, regardless of the occasion. It can enhance your meals, while setting the mood for your dining experience as well as expressing your own personal “style.” As simple as it sounds, your dinnerware sets the tone as it captures our eye when we sit down to eat or survey the buffet table at a party.  This rings true especially for more intimate gatherings and sit-down meals.

While the dinnerware and serveware should be aesthetically pleasing, it also needs to be functional for everything from portion control, keeping food warm, be correctly sized for the food item (soup bowl vs. dessert plate etc.)  The material of the dinnerware is also important given the occasion and frequency of use.

For this reason, a white porcelain dinnerware (“whiteware”) is a preferred choice for many. It is contemporary, versatile, durable, and has a non-porous surface, making it easy to clean and store.  Best of all, the porcelain pieces are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Sleek french white dinnerware works well for both formal and casual use, where you can dress it up or down with accessories such as placemats, chargers and linens.  Food always looks best on an all-white plate because the design is free of distractions.  The colors of the food seem more vibrant and the food looks more appealing. You can also use linen accessories like cloth napkins to add color and personality to an otherwise neutral table. Alternatively, these accessories can tone down boldly colored or patterned dinnerware.

Pillivuyt Sancerre DinnerwarePillivuyt Sancerre Dinnerware

Pillivuyt Dinnerware & Serveware – Well Worth the Investment

For over 200 years, Pillivuyt has manufactured luxury high-quality porcelain serveware, dinnerware, and bakeware in France.  They remain one of the few porcelain makers to develop its own porcelain compound onsite at the factory, and to be one of the last French manufacturers to maintain a total 100% French production.  Pillivuyt attributes their continued success to two key factors – always preserving its strong sense of tradition and staying relevant through new innovations that respond to the changing demands of consumers and cooks in the 21st century.

Pillivuyt White Porcelain Collections

Classic Collection.  Pillivuyt offers multiple collections to meet the needs and preferences of many people. The most flexible and versatile collection is certainly their sleek, white, smooth Classic Collection, which includes a range of dishes for serving, baking, and cooking.  It is designed to compliment all other Pillivuyt patterns providing additional unique serving, baking, and dining. All pieces in this and everything Pillivuyt dinnerware and serveware collection can be purchased individually as “open stock.”  You can buy and/or replace pieces based on what you need.  Most importantly, all are designed to fit easily in standard cabinets and inside dishwashers.

Pillivuyt Classic Collection

Pillivuyt Classic Collection

Collection Sancerre. Sancerre is an iconic French dinnerware designed for both everyday and special occasions. 100% porcelain, simple as it looks, Pillivuyt Sancerre dinnerware is anything but basic. On the contrary, its spare white forms combine elegance and ease while offering unparalleled utility. Skillfully crafted from premium porcelain, the pattern features broad plate borders, graceful coupe shaping on bowls, and subtle curves on serveware. Designed for prep, storage, cooking, and dining, Sancerre retains heat well and is finished with an impenetrable glaze that resists chipping, scratching, and crazing. Free of both lead and cadmium, all Sancerre is safe in the freezer, the microwave, and the oven, even on broiler settings. Made 100% in France.

Collection SancerreCollection Sancerre

Collection Plissé.  Plissé (pronounced “pleeze-zay”) dinnerware is a classic, proven winner with its finely ridged “pleats” giving it a familiar French look found on key French porcelain items such as the soufflés and ramekins. This unique design adds sophistication to the dining experience. This collection is as durable as it is versatile. Easy to mix with other white porcelain from the Sancerre or Classic Collections, this dinnerware will complement casual meals and special occasions for years to come.

Collection Plissé

Collection Plissé

Collection Brasserie. The Brasserie Collection is a popular “vintage” style collection created by Pillivuyt.  Reminiscent of sidewalk cafes, Parisian nights, and hints of Hemingway’s Moveable Feast, this porcelain pattern is designed for the true Francophile with its vintage 1920s bistro menu decoration.

Collection Brasserie

Collection Brasserie

Why Pillivuyt Classic White Collections?
Regardless of which Pillivuyt Dinnerware or Serveware Collection you ultimately select, you can remain secure knowing you are purchasing one of the most durable, quality, stylish brands available.  Classic Pillivuyt white collections are the perfect frame for any style of food.  It will never let you down. Forever beautiful, classic, and versatile.