• Griottines - French Morello Cherries in Kirsch and Brandy Liqueur

Griottines - French Morello Cherries in Kirsch and Brandy Liqueur

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In 1955 Claude Peureux began harvesting delicious wild Morello cherries exclusively for chocolate makers. On the heels of his success, Peureux launched a new product: his world-famous Griottines. Made with wild Morello cherries pitted and soaked in a light syrup of kirsch brandy, jars of Griottines flew off the shelves almost immediately and are now in demand all over the world.

Griottines are a staff and customer favorite that sell out each year.  Griottines--French wild Morello cherries with the stones removed are a masterful combination of Morello cherries prepared in a Kirsch and Brandy liqueur. The net result is a fresh tart strong flavor.  About a 15% alcohol content.

Griottines Cherries can be used in cocktails, savory dishes, and sweet desserts.  They can be added to champagne or cocktails, foie gras, yogurt and fondue, or eaten straight out of the jar. For a simple yet truly impressive dessert, add a spoonful of Griottines to a scoop of ice cream or dip in melted chocolate.

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