Artistica, Majolica Limoni Large Tuscan Cachepot

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Artistica, Majolica Limoni Large Luxury Tuscan Cachepot
Tuscanny Deluxe Collection

This masterpiece truly reflect the expertise of the Italian Mastri-Ceramisti, who have spent the last five centuries perfecting the tin-glazed earthenware that is today called Majolica.

This beautifully executed product was created using the Ingobbio technique, the ancient Tuscan process that gives such an authentic Old World look, while adding much greater body to the colors.  You can actually feel the consistent (almost raised) body of the painting when gently passing your hand over the decorated parts.

Due to the complexity of both preparation and painting, this technique is now used by very few artisans, which makes these items very hard to find.

A classic, this group is also the most sophisticated pattern we carry.

Hand-made by master artisans from Tuscany.


  • 18" diameter x 13" high
  • Dishwasher Safe – Not recommended for microwave use.
  • Hand made in Tuscany, Italy
  • Lead and cadmium free

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All items are individually hand-painted and as a result, slight variations may be present from piece to piece, along with subtle color differences.