Les Mirliflores Biscuiterie Artisanale


    The French biscuit factory Les Mirliflores has a unique, original and gourmet concept: mixing pastry with French History.

    They offer biscuits, which are make by hand from ancient recipes, allowing us to discover delicacies with forgotten flavors, experienced centuries before.

    They have a wonderful range of "old" biscuits and recipes starting with the Biscuits de la Joie from the Middle Ages, the Bridaveaux, shortbread from the Renaissance, the 17th & 18th centuries with chocolates enjoyed at the Court  of Versailles, completing with the Boules de Poilus made during the First World War.

    Now sold in the historic chateaux of France, we hope you enjoy these "biscuits" as much as we.

    7 products

    7 products