• Porquerolles Corail Placemats

Porquerolles Corail Placemats

$ 105.00

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Porquerolles Corail Placemats are part of the Beauvillé Summer Collection 
which is eye-catching.  Named for the Île de Porquerolles (Porquerolles Islands) located off the Côte d’Azur in French Provence.

Placemats are sold in sets of 4 and are available in 100% satin cotton with an anti-stain finish, and 100% acrylic coated cotton.  

Gorgeous for use during spring and summer months in the North, or a home in the South, near the water.  

Printed in Alsace (France) using a state-of-the art silk screening process, Beauvillé linens feature sophisticated designs rendered in very vibrant colors. Every piece can contain up to twenty different colors, each of which is separately applied onto a smooth cotton sateen cloth.  

Please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery from France. 

Complimentary free shipping for all orders $125 and above, and nominal shipping costs for orders below.


  • Sold in set of 4
  • Each placemat measures 16" x 20"
  • Available in either 100% Satin Cotton with Anti-Stain (Teflon) finish and 100% Cotton Acrylic-Coated

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