• Beauvillé, Lutece (Paris) Kitchen / Tea Towel

Beauvillé, Lutece (Paris) Kitchen / Tea Towel

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Lutece.  Named after the Roman City, Lutetia, where Paris now stands, this lovely towel celebrates famous landmarks, writers, painters, philosophers etc. associated with the City of Lights, Paris.

Names "form" the structure of the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by the letters "PARIS'.  Becoming shade of grey (silver), white, and light yellow (gold).

Perfect towel for the Francophile, or anyone who loves Paris.

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  • 82% Cotton / 18% Linen
  • Machine Washable - Highly Absorbent - Lovely to Display
  • 20 Inches x 31 Inches
  • Silk Screen, Printed in Ribeauvillé, Alsace, France by Beauvillé

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