• Picoti "A", Le Coq (Rooster), Kitchen / Tea Towel, Blue

Picoti "A", Le Coq (Rooster), Kitchen / Tea Towel, Blue

$ 26.50

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Picoti A, Coq Blue ("Peck", Rooster)  - This towel with the coq (rooster) is the traditional symbol of France and the French country side.  Perfect for anyone who decorates in a french motif.  Classic French tri-color colors:  red, white, and blue.

See companion towel, Picoti B, Hen.  Matching tablecloths (coated and non-coated), placemats, and table runner available.

Towels also available in black/gray palette.

  • 82% Cotton / 18% Linen
  • Machine Washable - Highly Absorbent - Lovely to Display
  • 20 Inches x 31 Inches
  • Silk Screen, Hand Painted in Ribeauvillé, Alsace, France by Beauvillé

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