Bovetti Chocolatier, Poudre de Cacao - French Hot Cacao Powder in Tin

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Bovetti Chocolatier, Poudre de Cacao - French Hot Chocolate Powder in Tin
Bovetti Poudre de Cacao is a fine cocoa powder with exceptional aromas that will transport you the heart of your childhood with delicious, comforting, old-fashioned hot chocolate on chilly nights.

In one minute, you'll get a rich chocolate strong in taste.  It's simple, fast, and absolutely delicious.


  • Each chocolate tin holds 7.06 Oz.
  • Made with 100% cacao.  No additives such as vegetable fat.

About Bovetti
Made in France, Bovetti has distinguished itself as a premier chocolatier producing chocolate of the highest quality:  "La Véritable® Poudre de Cacao."