Gardiners of Scotland, Scottish Vanilla Fudge, "Cats" Embossed Tin, 7 Oz

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Gardiners of Scotland, Cats Embossed Tin of Scottish Vanilla Fudge in , 7 Oz
"Cats" Round Embossed Tin

Are you searching for the perfect gift for that special someone?   Well, if they are a cat lover then this really is the perfect gift.  A beautiful decorative display tin filled with meltingly delicious vanilla fudge.


  • Each tin holds 7 ounces. 
  • Each piece is individually wrapped
  • Tin is definitely reusable
  • This product contains milk products and may contain traces of nuts.

About Gardiners of Scotland
Gardiners of Scotland is a long established family run business who have perfected the art of making a wide range of traditional Scottish confectionery and fudge.  Meltingly Delicious Handmade Fudge - Gardiners Of Scotland makes handmade quality confectionery using traditional Scottish recipes. Established in Lanarkshire, Scotland, in 1949.

All fudge is handmade in the Gardiner's factory based in the wee town of Turfholm using their own recipe.  From fudges and butterscotch to more exotic flavors, including a range of Finest Scotch Whisky fudges, their products have a global appeal.

delicious handmade fudge