• Mille Tiles Multicolore Coated Apron

Mille Tiles Multicolore Coated Apron

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Mille Tiles Multicolore Apron.  This multicolored, bright vivid apron is a summertime patchwork of tiles, a labyrinth of arabesques.  Festive, warm and friendly design and colors.  Perfect for summer!  Classic European look.

Full front pocket design makes this apron especially functional.

This is a COATED apron which simply requires wiping off.  Machine wash only when necessary.  

Matching companion table linens available.  

  • Full Coverage Apron with Front Pocket - 100% Damask Coated Cotton
  • Adjustable buttonhole closure for better fit and neck comfort
  • 30 Inches x 33 Inches
  • Machine Washable (when needed) - Colorfast
  • Made in France

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