• Mille Wax Creole Coated Apron

Mille Wax Creole Coated Apron

$ 63.00

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Mille Wax Creole Apron.  This multicolored, bright vivid apron in the mille wax decor continues to wow cooks across the country.  Bright pinks, oranges, purple, and turquoise.  There is no hiding in the kitchen with this apron!  

Full front pocket design makes this apron especially functional.

This is a COATED apron which simply requires wiping off.  Machine wash only when necessary.  

Matching companion table linens available.  

  • Full Coverage Apron with Front Pocket - 100% Damask Coated Cotton
  • Adjustable buttonhole closure for better fit and neck comfort
  • 30 Inches x 33 Inches
  • Machine Washable (when needed) - Colorfast
  • Made in France

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