• Mysterieuse Emeraude Table Runner

Mysterieuse Emeraude Table Runner

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Table Runner, 21" x 59"
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Mysterieuse Emeraude Table Runner.  "Mysterieuse" evokes the mysteries of a tropical island, with its soft, fresh colors recalling the beauty of lagoons and butterflies, flowers, tigers, and swirls evoking images of waves and water ripples.  The center is in a neutral palate of pearl grey/silver which is enhanced with azur blue and emerald bands.  Exquisite any time of the year and classically french.

Anti-tache Green Sweet
Every item (except napkins) in this collection is made from 100% cotton with Green Sweet stain-resistant technology for easy care, so spilled liquids can easily be wiped off.

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Table Runner 

  • 100% Damask Cotton - Machine Washable
  • Green Sweet (Stain Resistant) Treated
  • 22 Inches x 59 Inches
  • Made in France by Garnier-Thiebaut

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