• Monaco Yellow Coated Cotton Provence Round Tablecloth - Le Cluny

Monaco Yellow Coated Cotton Provence Round Tablecloth - Le Cluny

$ 80.00

70" Round
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From the Le Cluny French Country Collection, each Provencal tablecloth in this collection will bring a slice of Provence France to your tabletop at a most reasonable price.  Perfect for use year-round.  Stock up to suit your decor and moods!

Quintessentially French Country, Monaco Yellow/Green features the classic provencal array of olives leaves and flowers all on a charming sage green and yellow background.  Color palette suitable for most kitchen decors.  Unfortunately, this exact color palette is not available in the 70" round, but Monaco Green, very similar, is available in the 70" round.

This tablecloth is coated in a light acrylic making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and is only available in the 70" round size.

Matching bread basket (non-coated cotton) available.

In stock.

Coated Cotton Provencal Round Tablecloth

  • 100% cotton coated with a light acrylic making it stain and spill  resistant.  Cleanup is as easy as wiping it with a sponge!
  • Machine washable in cold/warm water (never hot) only when necessary.   Hang dry.

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