Maxim's de Paris, Bougie Parfumée, Chocolate Fondant Scented 3" Votive Candle

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"...Take Me to Paris!"

Maxim's de Paris, Bougie Parfumée, Chocolat Fondant - Melted Chocolate Scented 3" Votive Candle

Displayed in a gift-card box, Maxim’s scented votive candle will fill the air with delicate fragrances of chocolate with a hint of vanilla flavour. 

Candle is housed in the original glass red and gold signature Maxim's de Paris decor.

For every occasion, there is a Maxim’s de Paris gift!  From a simple diner between friends, for Mother’s Day, Shower Guest Gifts, Christmas, the very elegant Maxim’s gift boxes are the insurance of exquisite flavors.

Maxim's embodies the experience of an over hundred-year-old mythical brand, the tradition of a French art de vivre, and the constant search for the most appealing flavours and presentations, in order to please the most demanding gourmets.