Metropolitan Museum of Art, Audubon Birds Pop-Up Notecards

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Metropolitan Museum of Art, Audubon Birds Pop-Up Notecards
These lovely pop-up cards, based on four exquisite lithographs by John T. Bowen, after John Audubon, in The Met Collection, provide the inspiration for the inventive notecards in this set.

Based on four watercolor paintings by John Jay Audubon, these exquisite cards mail flat, then pop up into shadowboxes.


  • 8 cards (2 each of 4 designs) note-wallet with envelopes
  • Set includes 2 each of Goldfinch, Cardinal, Painted Bunting and Hummingbird, with envelopes.  
  • Each card measures 4 3/4'' x 5 7/8''

About John T. Bowen & John Audubon
An artist, an observer of nature, and (most famously) a birdwatcher, John Audubon made 435 watercolor paintings for his pioneering 1839 publication. An artist and avid nature enthusiast, Audubon's collection of life-size bird prints captured a time when America's wilderness seemed limitless and bountiful.