MMA, British Teapots Die Cut Notecards

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Boxed Set of British Teapots Die Cut Notecards.   

Ideal for writing to family and friends, these fanciful notecards illustrate a group of vividly colored and shaped teapots in The Met Collection.

  • 18 die-cut notecards (3 each of 6 images) in a keepsake box with 19 envelopes
  • Each card measures 3 1/2'' x 5 1/2''

In 18th-century Britain, a vogue for tea-drinking and expanding global trade networks spurred a fashion for imported Chinese porcelain. British firms responded to this demand by developing their own ceramic tea wares, with production clustering in such pottery-making centers as Staffordshire. 

These notecards reflect this influential English trend.