Pillivuyt Brasserie Small Jam / Butter Tray

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The Pillivuyt Brasserie small jam / butter tray features a 1920's vintage French bistro menu on the rim of this porcelain dish.

Each small "tray" is 3.75" diameter.  Ideal for placing different or individual jams on a table, along with small butter pats.  Also perfect for placing a tea bag (used sachet) after use.

Perfect when used along with a small individual Brasserie creamer.

About the Collection. 
The Brasserie Collection was created  in the 1920's initially for restaurants and cafes who wished to have their menus on their dinnerware.   All prices and menu options are directly from the original menus as created early 20th century.

As with all Pillivuyt France items, each piece is freezer, dishwasher, microwave, broiler and oven safe.

Made in France.

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