Pillivuyt Ulysses 7.75" Induction Deep Casserole Oven & Stove Top & Lid Set (Flame Proof)

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The Pillivuyt Ulysses 7.75" INDUCTION Deep Casserole Oven & Stove Top - Flame Proof Safe + Lid Set 

The Ulysses line is an exceptional porcelain for use directly on stove-top burners and induction cook-tops. 


  • Casserole measures 7.75" diameter, 3.75" deep, and holds 2.25 quarts
  • Comes with lit which also functions as a trivet
  • Ulysses is virtually non-stick and very easy to clean
  • Thermal shock resistant, Pillivuyt Ulysses products can go from freezer to oven to tabletop.  
  • Each piece will withstand temperatures of up to 536 degrees.

This size is only sold as a SET - Casserole + Lid.  Lid also functions as a porcelain trivet.

About the Collection.
Pillivuyt Ulysses is made of a groundbreaking proprietary ceramic blend specifically designed to withstand thermal and mechanical shock. Ulysses casseroles may be used in the oven, in the microwave and directly on electric or direct flame gas burners.  This may be used on induction style range tops.

Limited quantities available.