Rigaud Jasmin, 2 Sizes

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About Rigaud
Rigaud candles are presented in a glass votive container decorated with a hand-tied embossed satin ribbon and with a silver-metal snuffer cap, with the exception of the"refill / recharge" candle which comes in the same glass votive container as the "Large Candle Complèt" candle, but absent the metal snuffer lid, and metal base with finger handle.

Part of Rigaud's Single Flower Family, Jasmin has a fresh essence of bitter orange and jasmine petals mixed with the sweet, mellow warmth of the orange blossom.  Ideal for spring and summer months.

Candle Burn Times & Size

  • Recharge / Refill - 4.5 Inches Tall, 8.1 Ounces, 90 Hours Burn Life
  • Medium Candle - 3.6 Inches Tall, 5.6 Ounces, 60 Hours Burn Life