Rigaud Lilas (Lilac), 1 Size

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About Rigaud
Rigaud candles are presented in a glass votive container decorated with a hand-tied embossed satin ribbon and with a silver-metal snuffer cap, with the exception of the"refill / recharge" candle which comes in the same glass votive container as the "Large Candle Complèt" candle, but absent the metal snuffer lid, and metal base with finger handle.


Lilas is a part of Rigaud's Single Flower Fragrance Family which focus on a single flower whose fragrances stirs strong emotions.  This Lilas candle has all the delicacy of fresh springtime lilacs, with touches of the green freshness of Lily of the Valley and a touch of powdered ylang-ylang.

 Candle Burn Times & Size

  • Large Candle Complèt - 5.5 Inches Tall, 8.1 Ounces, 90 Hours Burn Life
  • Recharge / Refill - 4.5 Inches Tall, 8.1 Ounces, 90 Hours Burn Life
  • Medium Candle - 3.6 Inches Tall, 5.6 Ounces, 60 Hours Burn Life
  • Small Candle -  2.6 Inches Tall, 2.1 Ounces, 28 Hour Burn Life