• Sapori Antichi, Multicolor Eiffel Tower Pasta Bag, 17.6 Oz

Sapori Antichi, Multicolor Eiffel Tower Pasta Bag, 17.6 Oz

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Sapori Antichi, Multicolor Eiffel Tower Pasta.  Enjoy some of the best pasta while dreaming of France or delight your guests with a French themed pasta salad. 

These fun, Eiffel tower-shaped pastas also are a wonderful gift idea or addition to a food basket.  All-natural, these pastas are made with the finest ingredients Italy has to offer and therefore retain their texture and color when cooked.

Imported from Italy, each package is 500 g - 17.6 oz

Sapori Antichi (translated as "ancient flavors" ) is famous for making pastas from old family recipes. All of the pastas are made with the best durum wheat semolina, fresh ingredients and natural colors.

Year after year, Sapori Antichi has established itself in the field of high quality pasta. Pasta by Sapori Antichi represents a true excellence of Made in Italy, because the raw materials, which comply with the BRC and IFS regulations, come from the national territory only and the processing system follows the Italian tradition of pasta production. In addition, the products realized by Sapori Antichi are characterized by different variants, as for their colours, too, and have a strong visual impact.

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