MMA, Steinlen Cats Apron, Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Set

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Steinlen Cats Apron, Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Set.

Enjoy cooking with this 3 piece set featuring artwork by French artist Théophile Steinlen from his most famous book "Des Chats: Images Sans Paroles" (Cats: Pictures without Words) (1898).

Set includes an apron, oven mitt, and pot holder.

  • Set includes apron, oven mitt, and pot holder
  • Apron: Cotton. 33'' Long x 25'' Wide.   Machine washable.
  • Oven mitt: Polyester fill. 13 1/4'' long
  • Pot holder: Polyester fill. 8'' x 8'' square

In 1881 Théophile Alexandre Steinlen (1859–1923) settled in Montmartre, the center of the art community in Paris, and began to frequent the literary cabaret known as Le Chat Noir.  Steinlen's fondness for animals, and in particular cats, was noted even as early as his schooldays, when he drew sketches of cats in the margins of his notebooks. Their charm, movement and character, as well as their symbolic properties, seemed to appeal to him.