torchons & bouchons, dubout, paris cat at eiffel tower, cream, demi-lune hand towel with hanging loop

Torchons & Bouchons, Dubout, Paris Cat at Eiffel Tower, Cream, Demi-Lune Hand Towel with Hanging Loop

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Torchons & Bouchons, Dubout, Paris Cat at Eiffel Tower Demi-Lune Hand Towel, Cream, with Hanging Loop
These generously sized round hand towels with hanging loop are ideal Part of Torchons & Bouchons Dubout Collection of the famous "Dubout Cats" - all drawn by famous French cartoonist and illustrator, Albert Dubout (1906-1976).

Excellent quality for daily use, while adding a decorative, whimsical touch to kitchens, baths, and powder rooms.

Sure to delight cat and Paris-lovers of all ages.


  • Towels are 100% cotton
  • Creamy white cotton...trimmed in red
  • Highly absorbent
  • Approximately 24" in diameter when laid flat
  • Made in France by Torchons & Bouchons