Louis Sherry Chocolates - A Decadent Delight

Have you ever heard of Louis Sherry Chocolate Truffles?  If you haven’t, you’re in for a most decadent treat when someone gives you your first tin of these creamy chocolates in one of their beautiful designer tins.  These chocolates have long been regarded as the perfect “go-to gift” for holidays, birthdays, wedding favors, Mother’s Day, showers, or a special hostess gift.  Regardless of the reason, when someone receives a tin of Louis Sherry Chocolates as a gift, they will unquestionably feel special knowing that the person who gave it to them put thought into it.

Louis sherry chocolates sale

Louis Sherry Chocolates at Au Bon Goût Boutique

Chocolates as a Luxury Gift

One of the oldest chocolate companies in America, Louis Sherry founded his company in 1881 in New York, by selling his memorable chocolate ganache-filled truffles in exquisite tins that are still sought after by collectors today.  But it was Louis Sherry, who according to the Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets, introduced the concept of chocolates as a luxury gift.

Using only ingredients of the highest quality, Louis Sherry quickly won the patronage of such people as J.P. Morgan and the Vanderbilt family in New York. This same dedication to quality ingredients and manufacturing in the 19th century endures today in the 21st century:  every single truffle crafted is entirely hand-made and hand packaged. 

Presentation is Everything

Undeniably, it is the elegant tins which house the chocolates that distinguish them from other brands. It is a presentation unrivalled –an expression of the highest compliments. This luxurious packaging makes opening the chocolates like opening a box of fine jewellery.  And who doesn’t delight in keeping the tin for use afterwards on a dressing table?

Louis Sherry Premium Chocolates, Camellia Pink Tin, 12 Pieces

Louis Sherry chocolates are available in 2, 12 and 24 piece tins.  Several solid color tins are available, as well a full selection of designer tins.  The delightful “Jewel Box” 2 piece tin is a miniature take on the iconic Louis Sherry tin.  Available in a rainbow of pastels and some specialty designer tins, this perfect gift has two of Louis Sherry favorites:  salted caramel and sicilian orange.  These are especially popular when placed at individual place settings at functions such as weddings, showers, etc.
Most popular are the 12 piece tins which is composed of a house selection of exquisite Louis Sherry truffles renown for their creamy texture and exceptional silkiness. These are a wonderful gift for anyone to indulge in the pleasure of fine chocolate.
Louis Sherry Premium Chocolates, Bird & Butterfly Tin, 12 Pieces

Last, there is a 24 piece tin - the “Grand Dame” of Louis Sherry.  This luxury gift box features an exquisite selection of 24 truffles and Louis Sherry signature trefoils.  It is truly an expression of the high compliments that can be conveyed in a gift of confectionery.
Louis Sherry Premium Chocolates, Orchid Designer Tin, 24 Pieces

When it’s a matter of good taste, always think Louis Sherry first. All are available now at Au Bon Goût boutique.