Nina’s Paris Teas – Teas fit for a Queen

People often associate Paris with outdoor cafés, home of the Madeleine, and a wine culture unmatched, so you may be surprised to learn that one of the world’s most popular teas originates from the gardens of Versailles, just outside of Paris.  And while tea is a global favorite, few people can make the teatime experience as exquisite as the French.  Now, we here in the 21st century America can enjoy a luxurious tea with fragrances that received the approval from Marie Antoinette herself right in our own cozy homes.

Tea Drinking in France

The act of drinking tea in France dates to the 17th century. Interestingly, while tea is certainly not as popular today in France as it is in the United Kingdom, this has not always been the case. Tea was first imported and drank in France in the 17th century.  At first, it was mainly consumed for medicinal reasons, but tea soon also became popular to drink while entertaining in the morning and afternoon.  Some sources credit the French with being the first to add milk to tea.  It was also a regular drink of the court and King Louis XIV, the Sun King, who was known for drinking copious amounts of tea. It quickly became very popular among the aristocracy and was associated with royalty, leisure, and wealth (which made it a slightly unpopular drink just following the revolution in 1789).

Nina’s Paris Royal History and Legacy

Nina’s Paris Tea’s history dates to the 17th century when Pierre Diaz established La Distillerie Fréres, the first business to specialize in distilling natural essential oils. Diaz was renowned for his expertise in creating fragrances and received widespread recognition for his work in the capital and beyond.  Pierre Diaz’s work became famous enough for him to begin supplying his products to the Royal Court of Versailles. His lavender and rose fragrances were Marie Antoinette’s favorite, and they established a lasting relationship with the Royalty and Versailles that has remained to this day. Nina’s Paris Tea has a rich legacy that has been passed on from generation to generation, with flavors enchanting enough to captivate tea drinkers through the centuries.

The business has grown extensively and created a sophisticated legacy through the generations. Nina’s Paris Tea cherishes this history, which has led to the creation of the “Thé de Marie-Antoinette” blend as a tribute.  The brand name “Nina’s Paris” is thought to come from Pierre’s wife, named Nina.

A Sophisticated Tea Collection

Nina’s tea collection comprises some of the most carefully crafted teas and infusions. Each of their teas is incredibly fragrant, with aromas worthy of our praise.  They create the perfect balance between rich aroma and flavors, using their smooth and refreshing combinations to deliver a unique and exquisite experience to all tea lovers.  Here are three of Nina’s Paris most popular teas.  Each blend is unique, and we recommend you try them all to get an accurate idea of which you like best.           

Nina’s Paris, Thé de Marie Antoinette

Nina’s Paris, Thé Marie-Antoinette Tea

With its iconic pink tin, this “poetry in a cup” signature flavor tea of Nina’s Paris is an exclusive blend and the only tea in the world made from apples and rose petals from the King’s Garden at Versailles (Le Potager du Roi Versailles). Established in 1678 by King Louis XIV, this potager originally ensured the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to the Royal Court. This same potager has continued to thrive for 300 years and is home to a vast collection of plants, with 200 varieties of apples. 

As the exclusive partner of the King’s Kitchen Garden of Versailles, ingredients from this garden are at the heart of Nina’s Paris’s refined products that are second to none in taste and quality. The base of the tea is black loose-leaf tea from Sri Lanka. The apples naturally give the tea a slightly sweet flavor. Combined with the fragrant rose, it is just perfect.  In our opinion, we could just inhale this tea all day savoring its taste.

In addition to the traditional pink tin, this tea is also available in small boxes containing 10 individual tea sachets.

Nina’s Paris, Thé de Marie Antoinette Gift Box of 10 Sachets

Nina’s Paris, Je t’aime Tea

Another favorite of Nina’s Paris teas and from their Versailles Collection which features different blends with black tea as their base, is Je t’aime (“I love you” in French).  This tea is a combination of black tea, vanilla, and caramel giving this tea a voluptuous sweet taste of vanilla, with all the tenderness of caramel. It is a blend that will envelop you in gentleness and warmth. This loose tea arrives in its traditional red Nina’s Paris tin.

Nina’s Paris, Je t’aime Tin

Nina’s Paris, Fête de Versailles
This delightful loose leaf black tea, Fête de Versailles is blended with natural aromas of honey and cinnamon, orange pieces, safflower, and cornflower, and comes in a distinctive white gift tin. The blend has been created to reflect all the food luxury of the Court of Versailles.

Nina’s Paris Fête de Versailles Tea

Summing it all Up…
If you’re a tea enthusiast who appreciates a luxury high-quality tea, you’ll find plenty of sophisticated French gourmet tea blends with any of the Nina’s Paris Teas above.  Each cup of brewed Nina’s Paris will be heavenly and aromatic and a lovely drinking experience. What’s especially nice today, you don’t have to go to a Paris teahouse or grand hotel to enjoy a cup of Nina’s Paris, you can purchase them online right here at Au Bon Goût Boutique. Pro-tip: keep some macaroons, madeleines, and petit fours ready for your teatime to make the most of it.  Bon Appétit!