Pillivuyt Porcelain Bakeware - Well Worth the Investment

Pillivuyt Bakers & Roasters

Pillivuyt FRANCE

Pillivuyt Bakers & Roasters

Chefs, professional and ordinary cooks alike, all know and love the Pillivuyt brand. While the name is difficult to pronounce (“pee-lee-vee”), their porcelain bakeware and dinnerware is anything but difficult to use and is always a pleasure to use in the kitchen.   Associated with baking excellence, durability, classic design, it is the premium French porcelain bakeware brands on the market today.  Strong, resistant to chipping, highly durable, and able to withstand high temperature changes, it always cleans up easily and beautifully making it a timeless classic to be handed down generation to generation.

Pillivuyt is a bakeware, based on our cooking experience, that outperforms every other brand, be it for gratins, cobblers, tarts, roasts, souffles etc. making it our consistent “go-to” brand.

A Little Bit About Pillivuyt’s History


Interesting enough, the founding Pillivuyt brothers, Charles and Jean Louis, were not French, but Swiss. Initially purchasing a brick factory, Louis Pillivuyt soon saw the potential, (owing to the factory’s proximity to Limoges where kaolin deposits had been recently uncovered), for kitchen porcelain production aware it was much less porous than the popular earthenware in use at the time. 

Today, more than 200 years later, Pillivuyt continues to manufacture luxury high-quality porcelain bakeware and dinnerware in France.  They remain one of the few porcelain makers to develop its own porcelain compound onsite at the factory, and to be one of the last French manufacturers to maintain a totally 100% French production.  Pillivuyt attributes their continued success to two key factors – always preserving its strong sense of tradition and staying relevant through new innovations that respond to the changing demands of consumers and cooks in the 21st century.

Let’s look at the many reasons why we recommend Pillivuyt Porcelain as the ideal bakeware choice:

Durability and Hardness 

Pillivuyt produces one of the most durable and strongest bakeware on the market.  It will not craze and is highly resistant to scratching and chipping.  Their porcelain is fired at 2400 degrees F and the glaze used creates an extraordinarily hard and virtually nonporous surface.  

When tested, Pillivuyt Porcelain bakeware ranks high on the hardness scale.  Scored from 1 to 10 using the Mohs scale, the hardness and resistance of the porcelain has a score of 7, which is close to that of a diamond. This is one reason why Pillivuyt porcelain bakeware can be used over the years without losing its beauty and quality.

Pillivuyt bakeware

Non-Stick Bakeware

When you handle Pillivuyt bakeware, you will notice it’s fine, smooth, non-porous appearance.  This non-porous surface is due to their firing and glazing process that not only makes the item smooth, but also made it the first non-stick bakeware. If there are no, or very few pores, there is little room for baked-on food to stick to.  When it’s time to cleanup, simply place the baked-on pan into warm water for a few minutes and any burnt-on mess will release quickly and effortlessly.  We have used some of our Pillivuyt bakeware for years and it looks as good today as it did the day we purchased it.

Pillivuyt Large, Deep Rectangular Baker / Roaster

Pillivuyt Large, Deep Rectangular Baker / Roaster

The Large, Deep Rectangular Baker/Roaster is ideal for large gatherings on holidays and other special occasions. It is resistant to scratching and chipping and makes the cleaning process a breeze. 

Lead & Cadmium Free

Pillivuyt porcelain is lead and cadmium-free making it safe for all baking needs and food serving needs.

Heat Resistant, Freezer, Oven, Microwave Safe

Ideal for today’s cook, you can take your bakeware directly from the freezer to your oven without any problem. Microwave and oven safe, it can withstand the high temperatures of the broiler.  It is also thermal shock resistant.

Pillivuyt Deep Oval Large Baker

Pillivuyt Deep Oval Large Baker, 12.5"

Elegant Appearance

Oven-to-table pieces are growing in popularity as home cooks seek versatile, multifunctional pieces for convenience and aesthetics.  We love the fact their pieces look beautiful on the dinner table as it is adept at baking casseroles, roasting vegetables, braising chicken, or baking a dessert.  This means the sky’s the limit with regard to what home chefs can cook in their oven-to-table pieces. Beef stew, braised vegetables, a cheesy casserole… in many cases dishes can be prepared ahead, refrigerated or even frozen, and then cooked when needed.  And, of course, basic pieces or specialty pieces can also be used for sweets and other baked goods: brownies, cobblers, breads and more.

Toulouse Deep Plates

Toulouse Deep Plates

Brasserie Footed Porcelain Bowls

Brasserie Footed Porcelain Bowls

Toulouse Crème Brulée Dish

The handles on the bakeware, like the Toulouse Crème Brulée Dish, make it versatile and easy to carry and serve. 

Product Versatility

Another feature we like about the Pillivuyt brand is their broad range of bakeware collections in multiple sizes, shapes, and depths. This versatility gives the cook enormous flexibility whether preparing a family dinner, or baking for a later group or event. The classic white color and the large “Classic Collection” allows the bakeware to blend in with most tabletop settings. 

Pillivuyt Classic French Onion Soup Bowl

Pillivuyt Classic French Onion Soup Bowl

So, Why Porcelain Bakeware and Pillivuyt?

In a nutshell, we think you’ll agree why porcelain, of all bakeware materials is consistently ranked,

  • Strongest and best material for all baking needs
  • Best in appearance, especially the white classic color
  • Best for maintenance and care – ease of use without fracturing, crazing, and chipping
  • Best for safety – Bakeware that is entirely non-porous is best as this results in extreme food safety.
Pillivuyt Round Tart / Flan / Quiche Bakers

…and why of all porcelain bakeware brands, Pillivuyt should always be your first choice.