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    Au Bon Goût Boutique is always looking for ways to enhance our Customer's buying experience
    especially when it comes to bringing a little bit of France to our American homes.
    Thus, we are delighted to introduce our customers to a series of wonderful
    French Online Cooking Courses and Classes for the modern-day cook offered by The French Cooking Academy.
    At the French Cooking Academy,
    all their online cooking courses have been built from the ground up for home cooks and are suited for total beginners.
    As our Managers here at Au Bon Goût Boutique enjoy and learn from the Academy's online classes,
    we would like to share some of the Academy's recipes with you, but more importantly, share these online cooking courses directly with now,
    you too can sign up to their affordable online classes (or, give as a gift) with just a point and a click and begin to master French cooking in your home!

    French Cooking Academy Online Culinary School | French Cooking Academy

    COURSE SERIES #1 -  Get Started with French Cooking
    This flagship course Get Started with French Cooking is an online course for people new to French cooking. It will teach you the core of  classic French cooking techniques you need to prepare delicious French dishes. 

    Get started with French cooking offers all what you need in one package which includes learning the theory, culinary techniques, practicing making recipes plus plenty of course materials such as technical guides, recipe cards and more.

    In this course, you will learn the essential techniques of basic French patisserie and master 10 classic French desserts that the whole family will love.  
    From crème brûlée to tarte tatin and flan patisserie to floating islands, there’s a delicious recipe for every palate. Once you master the basic techniques, making your favorite classic French desserts will feel easy and fun, and will give you the confidence to embark on a delicious journey of French patisserie. 

    French Patisserie Course for Beginners - Learn to Make French Desserts

    COURSE SERIES # 3 - French Sauces - Learn How to Make French Sauces Online | French Cooking Academy

    This course puts you in the shoes of the Saucier
    , one of the most important roles in the French kitchen.  The Saucier must have the skills and techniques to expertly create sauces so that every dish shines.  Mastering French Sauces at Home teaches you techniques and recipes that are evolving in today’s professional kitchens. You will revisit the old classics but also discover modern techniques that today's French chefs are experimenting with to create new breeds of mother sauces and derivatives. 

    A Sauce For Every Occasion.
    If you’re looking for accessible sauces to transform your dishes to restaurant quality, this is the perfect course for you. The sauces you will learn in this course can be paired with all kinds of foods. This course has you covered for every occasion. 

    The only question left is..."do you want to become a home saucier?"

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