Cloth Table Napkins

Garnier-Thiebaut, Beauvillé, Le Cluny Country French...Their cloth napkins will elevate any meal...whether they be formal dinners or teas, or daily evening meals amongst family. 

For a casual French Provence table, explore the French Country line by Le Cluny.  These cotton napkins become softer and softer with each use.

For a crisp, clean, haute gamme look, both the Beauvillé and Garnier-Thiebaut lines are unrivaled. For a high quality, but lesser expensive solid cloth napkin consider the "Confettis" line by Garnier-Thiebaut.  These solid napkins come in a variety of shades and colors, are highly durable, and can be used at both formal or everyday occasions. 

All napkins sold as sets of 4.

192 products

192 products