Les Confitures à la Ancienne, Four Mixed Red Fruits French Preserves (4 Fruits Rouges)

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Les Confitures à l'Ancienne "...cuisson en chaudron de cuivre"...(cooked in a copper cauldron) ...has stayed true to this old fashioned approach in preparing their delicious jams – resulting in a product that has a smoothness of texture and purity of taste that is unrivalled.  

100% natural with no artificial coloring agents, flavorings, or preservatives, you can rest assured that every spoonful contains only the wholesome goodness of nature. A delicate use of sugar lends to a beautiful, full flavored taste that is not too sweet.

Les Confitures à l'Ancienne, Four Mixed Red Fruits - 
Made by mixing the finest strawberries, morello cherries, raspberries, and red currants, and slowly simmering them in copper cauldron, this jam is full of flavor. The morello cherries give this jam a little extra kick of flavor, that you can taste in every bite.

Use this fruity jam as the filling in a layer cake or warm it up and spoon it over chocolate ice cream.

This jam has seeds.

Les Confitures
à l'Ancienne jams make an excellent addition to any food gift basket or kitchen table.

Each jar is 9.5 oz.