• "Magnolia Vase" (Tiffany) Burnout Oblong Scarf

"Magnolia Vase" (Tiffany) Burnout Oblong Scarf

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Tiffany, "Magnolia Vase" Burnout Oblong Scarf

This elegant floral oblong scarf, made of soft viscose and nylon and accented with gold, recalls the famous "Magnolia Vase" in The Met Collection, which formed the centerpiece of Tiffany & Co.'s display at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

The magnificent silver vase's exceptional craftsmanship and innovative techniques—particularly the naturalism of the matte enameled magnolias—were hailed at the time as "one of the most remarkable specimens of the silversmith… that has ever been produced anywhere."

  • 60% viscose/40% nylon
  • Classic Burnout Scarf
  • 65'' Long x 19 1/2' Wide
  • Dry Clean only

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