French Jacquard Kitchen / Tea Towels

Over the decades, French jacquard towels have established a reputation for both their high quality and luxurious feel. They distinguish themselves by being fabricated using a traditional weaving technique called "jacquard" that allows for intricate patterns and designs to be woven directly into the fabric, rather than printed onto a fabric.

Those customers who cherish their jacquard towels consistently report some of the towels advantages, including

  1. Durability - French jacquard towels are made with high-quality materials , that results in their lasting sometimes for years, despite regular use and washing

  2. Highly Absorbent - French jacquard towels are known for their absorbency, making them especially useful in the kitchen

  3. An instant Decorative Touch - Add a French jacquard towels and you immediately have a burst of colors and a wide array of possible patterns.

  4. Feel - Softness -  French jacquard towels are made with premium quality cotton and are known for their softness, making them comfortable to use on the skin.

  5. Multifunctional - French jacquard towels can serve a number of functions from decorative to practical

  6. Eco-friendly - French jacquard towels are made from natural cotton which is a biodegradable material and won't harm the environment.