Darrellene Designs, Abeille d'or Française 15" Wooden Lazy Susan

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Darrellene Designs, Abeille d'or Française (French Gold Bee) 15" Wooden Lazy Susan
This is a lovely hand-painted replica of a camembert cheese wood box design of the Napoleonic gold bee on a giclée wooden Lazy Susan. 

All in French, this lazy susan makes a beautiful centerpiece and practical additional to any kitchen or serving table. Suitable for any room, it is especially lovely for anyone decorating in a French motif.

Available in both 15" diameters and 23" diameters (23" by special order).


  • Coated / protected wooden lazy susan - just wipe with damp cloth
  • Measures 15" in diameter
  • 23" diameter available by special order (contact us)
  • Made in the USA

Generally in stock.  Where not, please allow 12-14 days for delivery.

About the Origins of Napoleon's Gold Bee Symbol
The bee was chosen by Napoleon to link the new dynasty to the ancient kingdom of France. Golden bees, were found in 1653 in Tournai in the tomb of Childeric I, father of Clovis I and founder of the Merovingian dynasty. They were considered the first emblem of the kings of France. 

After much consideration, Napoleon chose the bee as the emblem to represent his status as Emperor. It is a motif rich in meanings.