Patrick King Woollen Co., Prince Edward Island Scottish Deluxe Knee Blanket, 69" x 31"

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Patrick King Woollen Co., Prince Edward Island Scottish Deluxe Knee Blanket, 69" x 31"
This lovely Prince Edward knee blanket has the colours of the PEI tartan:  Red for the warmth and glow of the fertile soil.  Green for the fields and the trees.  Yellow and Brown for the autumn, and white for the surf or summer snow.

It is cozy and warm, and great for picnics, sporting events or reading a good book.  Perfect as a gift, this tartan knee and lap blanket is cozy and warm, and great campers, cottagers and all who appreciate the warmth, comfort and style of woolen products at home.

This Merino Wool Knee Blanket with fringe measures 69" x 31" and arrives wrapped with a ribbon.  It can be used over one's shoulders or across your lap / knees.

These lap  / knee blankets make wonderful gifts and are a practical addition to any family room or bedroom. These 100% pure Merino wool blankets are breathable, durable, and temperature-regulating, making them perfect for year-round use.


  • Measures 69" x 31"
  • 100% pure Merino Wool
  • Care:  Wash in cold water and dry flat or dry clean
  • Official licensed Outlander Tartan - Produced under license from the Scottish Tartan Registry
  • Member of the Responsible Wool Standard - a voluntary standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on ensuring that this wool comes from farms that have a progressive approach to managing their land, practicing a holistic respect for animal welfare of the sheep.

About Official Scottish Tartan Designs
Tartans have an ancient history.  The earliest known tartan in Scotland can be dated to the third or fourth century AD.  While several countries and cultures have a woven cloth, only in Scotland have they been given such cultural significance often representing a clan or region of the Highlands.