Rosy Rings, Lemon Blossom & Lychee Luxury Botanical Candles, 3 Sizes

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Rosy Rings, Lemon Blossom & Lychee Luxury Botanical Candles
Part of the Summer Collection.  Dewy pink rose petals float upon the zest of a sun-ripened lemon and delicate white florals.

Botanicals In the Candle:  Bridal wreath, buckwheat flowers, green orange slices, rose petals, sakura blossoms, verbena.

Fragrance Notes:  Dewy grass, grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, lily of the valley, lychee, peach blossom, rose.

Small Botanical Candle:
 4.5"D x 5.5"H
Wicks: 1
Burn Time: 120 hours

Medium Botanical Candle: 5"D x 6.5"H
Wicks: 1
Burn Time: 200 hours

Brick Botanical Candle:  9.5"L x 3.5"W x 4"H
Wicks: 3
Burn Time:  160 hours

Making a Rosy Ring Luxury Botanical Candles
From shells to fruit to assorted fauna, you'll find them all inside these luxury botanical candles. Each fragranced wax core is wrapped in a flame retardant barrier and then placed within a larger mold. A skilled artisan then thoughtfully places the natural elements around the core and hand-pours a proprietary blend of wax into the mold.

Each botanical work of art takes 2 days to produce. 

Made in the USA