Apis Cera, Deluxe Gift Box of 9, Lucienne French Hand-Rolled Beeswax Taper Candles

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Dites "bonjour à Lucienne", (Say "hello to Lucienne") Apis Cera's beautiful flagship beeswax taper candles...

Each gift box of Apis Cera Lucienne candles contains 9 pure, hand-rolled beeswax candles --handcrafted in Provence the traditional way by rolling a sheet of beeswax around a wax-dipped cotton wick, giving it its trademark honeycomb pattern. The candles have no additives or coloring.

Truly a work of art to be appreciated.  Customers love these candles because they don't burn black smoke discoloring their ceilings and/or walls!  Soot-Free!

Candles are delicately wrapped in bee printed silk paper and closed with Apis Cera’s trademark seal.  

Beeswax candles are non pollutant, 100% natural, and give off no smoke.


  • Boxed set of 9 hand-rolled candles
  • Each candle is approximately 10.6" tall
  • Burning time is approximately 5 hours / candle.  To extend burning time you may store them in your refrigerator.
  • Arrives in decorative gift box
  • Made by hand by an "artisan cirier", or “beeswax chandler" in Provence, France

Ingredients: Made with 100% pure beeswax without additives or coloring. The wick is 100% pure cotton.

About Apis Cera's, Lucienne Candles
The name Lucienne was chosen in reference to the Latin word "lux", which means Light.

The beeswax used for Apis Cera's candles has won the gold medal at Apimondia (International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations).