Apis Cera, Ambroise Deluxe Box of 2, French Hand-Rolled Beeswax 5" Pillar Candles

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Introducing Apis Cera, Ambroise, the beautiful all pure beeswax, 5" candle pillar...

Hand-made in a small workshop in Provence, this candle is our favorite for warm, cozy interiors and sweet beeswax fragrance...

Each lovely box of Apis Cera Ambroise pillar candles contains 2 pure beeswax candles handcrafted in Provence using a mold made uniquely for Apis Cera. Shorter and thicker than the Lucienne tapers, the Ambroise pillar candles have the same honeycomb textured pattern, although they are poured and not rolled.

Delicately wrapped in bee printed silk paper, sealed with Apis Cera’s trademark seal,  and gift boxed, these beautiful candles have a burning time of approximately 36 hours.  They are approximately 5" tall.

Beeswax candles are non pollutant, 100% natural, and give off no smoke.


  • Boxed set of 2 beeswax pillar candles
  • Each pillar is 5.1" tall (please note- this is the European size for a pillar candle, a bit smaller in diameter than the American pillar)
  • Burning time is approximately 36 hours / candle.  
  • To extend burning time you may store them in your refrigerator.  It is recommended that you do not let them burn for more than 3 hours at a time.
  • Comes in decorative gift box
  • Made by hand by an "artisan cirier", or “beeswax chandler" in Provence, France

About the Ambroise Candle
This candle is called “Ambroise” in reference to Saint Ambrose (c. 340-397), bishop of Milan, who is the patron saint of bees, beekeepers, and candle makers.

The beeswax used for Apis Cera's candles has won the gold medal at Apimondia (International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations).