Aux Anysetiers Du Roy, Herbes of Provence Refill

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Aux Anysetiers Du Roy, Herbes of Provence Refill
This brilliant combination of thyme, savory, basil, fennel, and lavender flowers will add flavor to whatever your mind can dream. Use in meat rubs, sprinkle on salmon or salads, or season some lightly-oiled baguette for a unique side.


  • Each refill box holds 2 ounce of loose herbs.  Herbs are wrapped in plastic to ensure extra freshness.

About Aux Anysetiers du Roy 
Aux Anysetiers du Roy started off as a charming little restaurant located in the old Paris quarter, L'Ile Saint-Louis, near Notre-Dame. The restaurant specialized in Provencal cooking using olive oil and aromatic herbs. After dinner, each guest was offered a small gift: a crock containing the special Herbs de Provence blend prepared by Louis Lombard, the first to include lavender flowers in the aromatic herbs.

The company now creates their own recipes and packs each jar by hand, ensuring the quality of each individual product.