Barnier, Bonbons Salted Caramel Sucettes (Lollipops) with Quimper Designer Wrapper, 12 Pieces

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Barnier, Bonbons Salted Caramel Sucettes (Lollipops) in Quimper Designer Wrapper, 12 Pieces
Barnier French candies are is known for their unforgettable taste of a salted caramel that have a twist of a butter flavor that you will want for more.  
The recipe that makes these lollipops so delightful was mastered in 1885 and hasn't been changed since. Each sucette is made in the traditional French manner, which involves making the candy in small batches, using fresh butter and cooking the sugar in copper pans.

The buttery caramel & rich butter flavor, enhanced by the Guérande sea salt make these salted butter caramel lollipops with a Quimper Design a traditional favorite.

Each bag contains 12 lollipops, so it is perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself.


  • Each package holds 12 sucettes (caramel lollipops)
  • Package weighs 5.8 oz
  • Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Concentrated Milk, Concentrated Butter, Sea Salt, May contain traces of Dairy and Nuts.

About Barnier Bonbons
The Barnier confectionery was created in 1885 in Rouen by Pierre and Marius Barnier. From this centennial tradition, Barnier has inherited a unique know-how in the work of cooked sugar. Today Barnier is the reference brand of candies of artisanal quality in France. The coloring of Barnier candies are 100% vegetable.  All Bonbons Barnier candies and lollipops are individually wrapped and packaged in attractive metal boxes, making them the perfect gourmet gift made in France