Canasuc Paris, L'Accroche Coeur Pur Sucre de Canne, Assorted French Molded "Hearts" Sugar Pieces

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Canasuc is the unique creator and manufacturer of a wide range of innovative sugars: candy sticks, decorated sugar and molded sugars, a Canasuc exclusivity.

Sugar shaped like a heart?  Is that not symbolically appropriate?

Charm, invite, and seduce via the chic fantasy of a heart-shaped piece of sugar balancing on the edge of the cup.

Each "window box" of molded heart sugars contains 32 sugar pieces (16 white / 16 amber).  No coloring added...all natural colors.

Product description: heart-shaped moulded sugar  (white, amber)
Number of sugars: 32 (16 white, 16 amber)
Net weight: 120g
Sugar’s weight: ~4g
Origin country: sugar moulded and packed in France. Box made in France
Shelf life: unlimited
Ingredients: 100% cane sugar
Colouring: no colouring, colours are natural

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