Chef & Sommelier, Professional French Wine Bottle Foil Cutter

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Chef & Sommelier, Professional Wine Bottle Foil Cutter (Coupe-Capsule)
For the wine lover...imported from France, this is recognized as one of the best wine bottle foil covers designed by CHEF & SOMMELIER, France.

This is an handy and efficient foil cutter with an integrated cutting system. All accessories are created by Chef & Sommelier with a professional focus. In sommellerie as in mixology, Chef & Sommelier accessories meet the demanding uses of wine service and cocktail making.

About Chef & Sommelier
Chef & Sommelier is a French brand born of the glass group Arc International, founded in 1825. Recognized for its know-how in the oenological field, the brand partners with experts to develop refined collections of glasses and accessories dedicated to wine tasting and serving.