Darrellene Designs, Red Lobster 15" Wooden Lazy Susan

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Darrellene Designs, Red Lobster 15" Wooden Lazy Susan
Vintage round French cheese wood box replica design of a cheese made in le Pays de Bray with a red lobster on a giclée wooden lazy susan. 

The Red Lobster with the green border design is perfect for any coastal home or beach house.  All in French,  it is especially ideal when decorating in a French motif.

Available in both 15" diameters and 23" diameters (23" by special order).


  • Coated / protected wooden lazy susan - just wipe with damp cloth
  • Measures 15" in diameter
  • 23" diameter available by special order (contact us)
  • Made in the USA

Generally in stock.  Where not, please allow 12-14 days for delivery.

About Le Pays de Bray
Located in north-west France, Bray is an Old French term meaning "wet ground", "muddy place" and "valley".  It is above all an agricultural region. In particular, it produces three controlled foods / designations (AOC) - neufchatel cheese, calvados, and pommeau de Normandie (apple cider).