Darrellene Designs, Coulommiers Coq Jaune Wooden Lazy Susan, 2 Sizes

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Darrellene Designs, Coulommiers Coq Jaune (Yellow Rooster) Wooden Lazy Susan, 2 Sizes
What is more French that this vintage round French Coulommiers cheese wood box replica design with of a rooster on a giclée wooden Lazy Susan?

All in French, this lazy susan makes a beautiful centerpiece and practical additional to any kitchen or serving table.  Ideal when decorating in a French motif.

Available in both 15" diameter and 23" diameters.


  • Coated / protected wooden lazy susan - just wipe with damp cloth
  • Available in both 15" and 23" diameters
  • Made in the USA

Generally in stock.  Where not, please allow 18 - 21 days for delivery.

About Coulommiers French Cheese
Coulommiers is a lesser-known cousin of Brie, although it has been produced for a longer period of time. It is smaller and thicker than Brie and with a nuttier flavour, but otherwise has similar characteristics, with a similar buttery colour and supple texture.