Garnier-Thiebaut, Bouquet du Soleil, Sauge Napkins, Cotton/Linen Blend

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Garnier-Thiebaut, Bouquet du Soleil, Sauge (Sage Green) Napkins, Cotton/Linen Blend
These are a French floral cotton / linen blend set of napkins with inklings of green, red, blue, orange, pink, yellow, and white colors.

This fabric is a pre-washed cotton - linen blend that allows the napkins to lay nicely on the table with an effortless look.

Napkins are sold in sets of 4.

Please allow 12 to 14 days for delivery from France.

Cloth Napkins

  • Price is for a Set of 4 Napkins
  • Pre-washed Fabric Blend of 50% Linen, 50% Cotton
  • 18 Inches x 18 Inches

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