Garnier-Thiebaut, Mille Soleils, Nuage Table Runner, Cotton/Linen Blend

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Garnier-Thiebaut, Mille Soleils, Nuage Jacquard Table Runner, Cotton/Linen Blend
This is a classic French cotton / linen table runner in the versatile color of cloud white with woven abstract images of clouds right before they begin their descent to the surface.  Runner color and design is suitable for use year-round for any occasion.

Made from a cotton - linen blend, it will lay nicely on the table with its effortless look.

Every item in this collection (exception napkins) is Green sweet treated for spill / stain resistance. 

Please Note: This pattern is an allover design, and the fabric is cut randomly within the cloth to make this product.  You may receive a different cut of the pattern from one piece to another, and the product may look differently than the picture.

Generally in stock.  Where not, please allow 12 to 14 days for delivery from France.

Table Runner 

  • Cotton-linen blend (52% cotton, 48% linen) - Machine Washable - Machine Dry
  • Machine Washable - Machine Dry
  • Green Sweet Treated for spill / stain resistance
  • 22 Inches x 61 Inches

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