Garnier-Thiebaut, Jardin De La Reine Celadon Placemats, High Thread Count

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Garnier-Thiebaut, Jardin de la Reine, Celadon (Queen's Garden, Celadon) Placemats, High Thread Count

This design is enchanting and majestic with it's elegant intertwining woven foliage and soft colors of celadon trim and dove gray-white.  Suitable for feasts and formal gatherings.  Classically French.

The fineness of the pattern is achieved through it's high thread count which lends an extra special luxurious feel to the fabric and highlights the woven design.

Every item (except napkins) in this collection is made from 100% cotton with Green Sweet stain-resistant technology for easy care, so spilled liquids can easily be wiped off.

Placemats sold in sets of 4.

Please allow 12 to 14 days for delivery from France.

Placemats (Sold as Set of 4)

  • Price is for a Set of 4 Placemats
  • 100% Damask Cotton - Machine Washable - Machine Dry
  • Green Sweet (Stain Resistant) Treated
  • 21 Inches x 15 Inches
  • High Thread Count
  • Made in France by Garnier-Thiebaut

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