Garnier-Thiebaut, Mille Couleurs Soleil Placemats, Coated & Non-Coated

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Garnier-Thiebaut, Mille Couleurs, Soleil (Sun) Placemats (Coated & Non-Coated)
This pattern is a virtual explosion of colors and a whirlwind of images where shimmering stars, moons, crowns, suns, and constellations "mingle".  Words woven into the pattern include "Cosmos" and "Andromede" can be seen scrolled throughout.

Placemats are sold as sets of 4 and are in available in 100% cotton and 100% coated cotton making cleanup a breeze.  Just wipe and dry.

Please allow 12 to 14 days for delivery from France.

Placemats (Sold as Set of 4)

  • Price is for a Set of 4 Placemats
  • Available in both 100% Cotton and 100% COATED Cotton 
  • 20 Inches x 16 Inches
  • Made in France by Garnier-Thiebaut

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